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Former British Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson has said that reports alleging he wanted to "invade Africa" were leaked to discredit him, writes The Guardian.

According to The Sunday Times, Williamson's supposed plans for the invasion of Africa involved military action in several countries including Zimbabwe, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. A source within the Ministry of Defence said: "He wanted to invade Africa," writes Sky News.

Williamson claimed the be the target of a smear campaign headed by Theresa May after he reportedly made disparaging remarks about the Prime Minister's diabetes, saying she was unfit for the role. Williamson denied making the statements, saying during an interview: "It is absolutely crazy, on both counts."

Prime Minister Theresa May fired Williamson over allegations he leaked information from the National Security Council when he reportedly revealed to a Daily Telegraph journalist that the UK government was preparing to give Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei access to parts of the country's 5G mobile network. Williamson denied the accusations and vowed to clear his name

Source theguardian.

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