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One of the rarest thing to hear now a days is hunting animals let alone humans with bows and arrows. 
What we heard from the Benshangul Gumuz region in Ethiopia is that the "Shanqella" people, said to be hunters and gatherers, has attacked the Amharas and killed around 17 people and burning around 20 houses. The Amharas, another people of the community who leads life by farming and cultivation.

The event occurred in a place called Metekel (said to be the former western part of Gojjam province). In a conflict, reportedly initiated by two people, then has taken a form of ethnic attack.

Ethnic attack has been a common issue in the region by the locals, which also happened on the September, 2019 when a young boy has been mutilated. This worrisome action is a danger for the community who leads a life as a farmer in a fixed location. The reluctance by the central government to preserve the rule of law all over the country is a determining factor for the rate of increase in ethnic attacks.

The alarming rate of ethnic attacks carried out all around the country which resulted in a displacement of nearly 3 million people is said to be caused by ethnic federalism, the system of governance implemented by the Ethiopian government. According to many studies conducted on ethnic federalism, this system is not suited for a developing nation with high number of illiterate people.

Ethnic federalism experiments in the third world generally, and not just in Ethiopia or Nigeria, have been very vulnerable to decay, disruption and disintegration. Applying such a system in an under-developed nation has shown in many countries that it is the main cause of ethnic conflicts, or used as source of power by the political elites by driving the illiterate people.

Ethiopia and many African countries should stop and evaluate this type of governance system, which was used by the colonizers to weaken the people, and secure a better future by a better integration scheme or risks disintegration.

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